Time Saving Tuesday: Make It Easy for Your Kids to Get Dressed Quickly

Time is a hot commodity and for many of us, it seems like there is not enough of it! As a busy mom of 4, I’m always looking for time saving tips and tricks…and I know many of you are too! So I’m starting Time Saving Tuesday, a weekly post for all of us to link up our best time saving tips and tricks.

Getting 4 kids fed, dressed, and out the door with lunches in hand can be a major challenge.  Our biggest challenge used to be getting the twins dressed.  If I picked out clothes, our little princess wanted to wear something different.  If she picked out clothes, it could take forever…and in the process, everything she owns would end up on the bedroom floor.  Our little boy will wear anything, he just doesn’t want to have to pick it out.  After many mornings of struggling, I came up with a plan that has revolutionized our mornings.  I pack full outfits in gallon size Ziploc bags.

Each bag includes socks, underwear, pants and a shirt (or it might include socks, underwear, leggings, a skirt, and a shirt).   I include everything but shoes.  This has 2 benefits.  It keeps your kids from wearing the same 2 outfits over and over again and it allows them to have a choice in what they’re wearing without the hassle of a messy room (or a stressed out mom).  If you have more tops than bottoms (like we do in our house), once you’ve exhausted your pants options, just put a top in a bag with undies and socks and after your kids have worn all of this weeks outfits, wash their pants and add them to the bags you have waiting. At any given time, I usually have 3-5 bags with full outfits and 4 or 5 bags with undies, socks and a shirt.

Sometimes I let my daughter help me pick out what goes into each Ziploc bag and sometimes I do all the packing myself, but either way it saves us a ton of time!

Do you have a time-saving trick that make a difference in your family. Please share it in the comments or if you’ve blogged about it, please add your post to the linky!