Free 8×10 Canvas from Canvas People or $35 Off Larger Canvas

One of my favorite deals of all time is this FREE Canvas offer from Canvas People. You can get either a FREE 8×10 Canvas or get $35 off any size canvas. You’ll have to pay shipping and handling, but at $14.95, it’s a steal!

During July, my husband and I celebrated our birthdays with my side of the family and I had a stranger snap a picture of all of us with my iPhone. I thought it turned out so great that had Canvas People turn it into a canvas. Now I’ll always remember the day my hubby turned 40.

Doesn't this look great hanging on our wall?!?

I’m planning on giving Photo Canvases as gifts this year too! They’re perfect as wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and graduation gifts. You can even use this offer to turn your child’s artwork into real art!

I opted to go with an 11×14 canvas for my family photo, but pick the size that works best for you!

Click here to get started on your canvas!


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