Mixed Bag Monday

Throughout the week, I read a variety of blogs and often come across posts I’d love to share with you, however, they don’t always have anything to do with what I blog about.  I’ve decided to start a Mixed Bag Monday post where I share some of my favorite articles from the previous week! This is also a great opportunity for you to check out some new blogs!

What I Wanted to Say – great post on adoption (I wish I could have said it this eloquently!)

Ravioli Lasagna Bake – this is my kind of recipe, both easy and delicious!

Hobby Lobby – As a wannabe crafty person, this post totally cracked me up!

The Email I Don’t Know How to Answer – I love Kristen’s heart for the poor and downtrodden and I love that this reader is following in her footsteps!

Should You Be The Tortoise or the Hare when Losing Weight? – I found this answer to be surprising, but it totally made sense to me!

Happy reading!

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